Originally a processing facility for Oregon-grown hazelnuts, the 12th & Maple Winery is located in the heart of Willamette Valley wine country where Pinot Noir is king. With its first crush in 2005, our facility was designed to be a “winery within a winery,” featuring unique small-lot production capabilities specifically crafted for Pinot Noir.

  • New bottling line with 120+ bottles/minute for high-speed production.
  • Our small red wine fermentation tanks are advantageous to preserve lots’ unique and individual characteristics from the various sections of each vineyard.
  • Our sophisticated in-house laboratory offers full-range pathology tests.
  • General sanitation practices allow us to maintain the cleanest wineries in Oregon.
  • Our world class bottling QC program standardizes our sanitation, start-up, production standard checks and shut down procedures.